Committee Members for 2019 - 2021

A new committee was elected at this years AGM on 10th March 2019. Inshallah we will add a picture of the new commitee to the site soon.

Message from FAIZ Parkar - KCL Chair Person:


It is a great honour and privilege to be the chairperson for the next three years. My thanks to the previous Management Committee (MC) for their excellent efforts and accomplishments. Going forward, we still have a lot of challenges and issues facing our community and the centre. I encourage you all to be active participants in providing your feedback/suggestions to enable the new MC to achieve our community's goals for the next three years.

Many years ago, our elders created the Kokni Community Luton (KCL) and we are now benefiting from a thriving KCL. I would like to make a special appeal to the young Kokni community members (and non members) who are studying or have started their first jobs to get involved in KCL. As youngsters some of you would have attended the KCL Madrasa and are already participating in various KCL sporting activities. If you are studying and need to do a project as part of your studies, please consider KCL, and contact any member of the MC listed below. We need your active involvement to keep KCL alive as your grandparents, parents, uncles and aunties are getting old. The future of KCL going forward is in your hands!

The new MC is listed below. Please reach out to myself or to any of the other committee members.


CHAIR PERSON   Faiz Parkar
General SECRETARY   Anwar Tambe
Deputy General SECRETARY   Sultan Parkar
FINANCE Manager   Zahir Rajiwate
Deputy FINANCE Manager   Post Vacant
Head Of EDUCATION   Said Modak
EDUCATION ASST 1   Mujib Parkar
EDUCATION ASST 2   Post Vacant
Head of RECREATION   Zaeem Parkar
RECREATION ASST 1 (Male)   Azeem Parkar
RECREATION ASST 2   Nizam Parkar
Head of Female Affairs   Sadaf Mhatay
Women's EDUCATION OFFICER   Zaibunnisa Parkar
Youth Development OFFICER   Fazila Dalvi
Head of KCL CENTRE   Mushtaque Parkar
KCL CENTRE ASST 1   Aleem Modak
KCL CENTRE ASST 2 (Masjid)   Nihad Kapdi
KCL CENTRE ASST 3 (Masjid)   Khalid Parkar
Fund Raising OFFICER   Kiffey Dalvi

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