Healthy Living Day 2016...

This year's theme for Healthy Living Day was 'Reducing Stress & Anxiety to Improve Your Health'. More and more, stress is playing a significant part in all our lives, whether it be work related, personal problems, illness or a combination of issues. As a result, more of us are suffering from anxiety or depression. Our first guest speaker was Dr Ali Naqvi, a Clinical Psychologist (and Clinical Lead at the Luton & Dunstable Hospital), who explained about the symptoms of anxiety and depression, the impact it can have on us and our loved ones, and how we can overcome these illnesses. The statistics were quite alarming, but what was reassuring was that there is more help now than there has ever been. Also, the stigma associated with anxiety and depression is gradually disappearing. Our second speaker was Lynn Grigg, a Pain Nurse Specialist who showed us how 'Mindfulness' can be used to alleviate the symptoms of anxiety and depression. This included a practical demonstration of mindfulness meditation. Clearly our female members were much more in tune with this practical session than the gents!

For further advice on where you can get more help, either contact your G.P. directly or try the following website: . You can also contact the service by phone (01582) 393130. Following the talks, we had our usual health checks:

Height, weight and BMI Blood Pressure Blood Sugar

As usual, this was an eye opener for many of our members who often think they are fit and healthy until they have these checks. Having obtained their health check results, attendees could consult professional volunteers who were on hand to give advice on diet and exercise in order to improve their health.

Finally, the event concluded with a healthy buffet lunch which had been provided by many of our community members. The event proved to be a great success with almost 100 people in attendance and hopefully most people went away better informed. If you would like further information on the contents of the event, please contact Yaseen Parkar on (07967) 184930.