Masjid is open for Prayers as usual

Please use face mask as infections are high

Please cooperate with volunteers

Kindly folllow us on My Masjid App for prayer times, announcements, Qibla direction and Live Broadcasts

KCL Centre is now Registered as place of worship and place for solemnisation of marriages!!!

Last updated on 24th of March 2022


Covid-19 Update: Ramadan 2022 Hijri 1443

“We have opened doors of our Masjid for congregational prayers. As responsible Trustees, we have assessed all risks and put reasonable control measures in place to minimise risks. We will be holding Taraweeh Prayers during this Ramadhan and we will update you about other activities soon. For details of documents and risk assessment, please Click here. Access Ramadan prayer times For Ramadan 2022 Hijri 1443 Click here. For Standing Orders/Donations: KCL . Sort Code 205397 Account No. 10056170 Ref: Your name.

The Giving Machine

Help Kokni Community Luton raise donations. Now you can generate free donations for us every time you shop online via The Giving Machine. Sign up and get started now or browse the huge range of shops that are participating. Please do tell your friends and family how they can help us at no extra cost too. This donation is going to make great impact gradually. Please click the link below which will give you an overview of the activities. Please click here, For Standing Orders/Donations: KCL . Sort Code 205397 Account No. 10056170 Ref: Your name.

Recreation Special

We are pleased to advise that we received some grant funding recently from London Luton Airport Ltd via Beds and Luton Community Foundation. This will help to keep our regular activities going for another year, i.e. swimming, football, Healthy Living Day and Community Fun Day. We aim to benefit surrounding communities as well. Contact Zaeem Parkar (Head of Recreation) for more details. We have now a new post as "Fundraising Officer" who will endeavour to seek more grants to benefit Community.

KCL Complaints Policy and Procedure

The Aim is to provide a fair complaints procedure which is clear and easy to use for those wishing to make a complaint. To publicise the availability of our complaints procedure so that people know how to contact us to make a complaint. To make sure all complaints are investigated fairly and in a timely manner. To make sure that complaints are, wherever possible, resolved and that relationships are restored. To gather information which helps us to improve/amend/add policies. To view policy Click Here.


Appeal to all those who would like to contribute to Luton Foodbank, please drop your items at Kokni Community Masjid and Madrasa when you come for prayers or dropping/picking up your children for Madrasa. There are number of families who rely on food Bank in Luton, so your help is much appreciated. Please contact caretaker, Imams or volunteers for more information. Luton Foodbank is there to help those who are in a financial crisis, to help get food and information and support from network of partners. Contact: 01582 725838 or Email: info@lutonfoodbank.org.uk.

Masjid & KCL Centre Activities

Just to reiterate, we are following guidance to the letter. This unfortunately means we have to continue limiting the number of people who can come in to the masjid. This also means we have to do it on a first come first served basis. No doubt some will be disappointed but with cases of covid infection in Luton on the rise we hope you will understand the restrictions. Please see below to access our online prayer time table for Kokni Masjid. For July 2022 Click here. For Aug 2022 Click here. For Hajj Talks Click Here

Recreation Coronavirus Update

As of now all recreation activities are on hold per Government Guidance. Recreation Group are reviewing this on an ongoing basis and will re-start activities once it is safe to do so. Please check the relevant WhatsApp group for updated messages. This image is from AGM held at Raynham Way Community Centre where sports trophies are awarded. Good old days!!! Let us hope we get back soon and plan our AGM soon.

For Halal Food Guide

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